Renata Radłowska was born in 1973; since 1996 she has been working as a journalist for the “Gazeta Wyborcza”. For ten years now, she has been living in the oldest part of Cracow’s socialist and industrial district Nowa Huta (now a historical site). She writes about this place and its inhabitants, their problems, ideas, complexes and eccentricities. Most of the pieces appeared in the years 2004–2008 in “Lodołamacz”, a monthly of the Nowa Huta theatre Łaźnia Nowa.

Titles represented:

  • Sopa Opera from Nowa Huta

Soap Opera from Nowa Huta

Nowohucka telenowela, reportage, 2008, ISBN: 978-83-7536-053-0

Rights available: World

[…] in this book we find family stories written down in the same way as they were told, in spoken language, regarded as one of the most important criterion of the authenticity of cultural phenomena. It constitutes the unquestionable value of this book, its originality, hidden under the catchy genre name: soap opera.

Prof. Roch Sulima